Queen’s Red Special: The key to their sound

We all know that they were, and still are, brilliant musicians. Their typical sound made sure you’d never forget them. Not only the polyphony or the legendary lead vocal of Freddie, but also Queen’s Red Special shaped their unmistakable sound. To this day you can still hear something and say “that sounds just like Queen”. […]

Belgian Queen cover band @ Special Olympics

We are the champions? Another one bites the dust? Don’t stop me now? And what about Bicycle race? The Belgian Queen cover band, Mother Mercury was asked to play at the opening ceremony of the national Special Olympics (www.special-olympics.be). This seemed to be an opportune time to just play all of the songs mentioned above […]

Queen hits on the Studio 100 stage!

With barely two gigs under our belt, we were asked to put our big-boy pants on and perform at the amazing Studio 100 pop-up theatre in Puurs (BE). The props of the hit musical 40-45 were shoved into Gert Verhulst’s garage to make room for Mister Fahrenheit and his gang! When your theme is ‘Legends’, […]

There’s a new Queen tribute band in town!

The last couple of weeks, our followers on Facebook (www.facebook.com/mothermercury.be) got a lot of mysterious messages. Apparently there’s a brand new Belgian Queen tribute band. But what does a Belgian Freddie Mercury sound like? Are they even able to play, let alone sing, the entire Bohemian Rhapsody?! We’ve published a couple of teaser videos of […]


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