Mother Mercury
Europe's most authentic Queen Tribute

Who is Mother Mercury exactly?

Mother Mercury, Europe’s most authentic Queen tribute, pays homage to the greatest band in rock history: Queen!

These five professional musicians are not trying to fake their way through by slapping on a fake moustache. No sir! They make sure they’ve got the harmonies and energy strapped up and ready to go, so you can witness the songs the way you know them from the legendary albums.

Mother Mercury is not your everyday cover band that happens to play some Queen hits. This tribute act wanted to create a live show in which they’d portay Queen as everybody knows them from their iconic live concerts. You’ve seen Wembley ’86 and Live Aid ’85, so you know Queen was all about giving the crowd an experience they’d never forget. Those are some big shoes to fill, wouldn’t you agree?

And who the heck is this ‘Freddie Mercury’?!

You’ve never heard anybody say they hadn’t heard of Freddie Mercury before, right? Freddie Mercury still is the greatest showman there ever was, hands down. This Queen cover band is making sure you’ll never forget that by putting on a killer show with that famous Queen thunder and sound. In this thrilling performance you can scream along to such great hits as ‘Don’t stop me now’, ‘Radio Ga Ga’, ‘Somebody to love’, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, and many, many more!

Mother Mercury examined Queen through a magnifying glass. After analysing every little inch of these icons, they got to work! The songs, the sound, the clothes, the movements, the gear, the energy,… you name it and they’ve made it their own. If you’re looking for a gigantic production with dancers, a choir and maybe even some horns or violins, please move along! But if you’d like the raw and explosive ambiance you’ve come to know from a Queen rock show, then look no further! This is as authentic as it gets. This is Belgium’s best and most authentic Queen tribute band: Mother Mercury!

We WILL rock you
Are you ready, Freddie?!

© Mother Mercury 2023

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