Belgian Queen cover band @ Special Olympics

Belgian Queen cover band @ Special Olympics

We are the champions? Another one bites the dust? Don’t stop me now? And what about Bicycle race? The Belgian Queen cover band, Mother Mercury was asked to play at the opening ceremony of the national Special Olympics ( This seemed to be an opportune time to just play all of the songs mentioned above and give ’em the full Queen experience!

Sint-Niklaas and Beveren joined forces to put together a very decent line-up of artists on the square of Sint-Niklaas. Alongside Mother Mercury, Anna Rune was also on the bill ( Back in 2015 she won ‘De Beste Singer Songwriter van Nederland’. Even princess Astrid was present to witness the spectacle. Good thing the Queen Mathilde stayed at home, otherwise this Belgian Queen cover band would’ve had to fight her for the crown.

P.S.: We’d like to apologize without delay for the bad ‘Queen’ pun, but we couldn’t help ourselves.

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