Queen hits on the Studio 100 stage!

Queen hits on the Studio 100 stage!

With barely two gigs under our belt, we were asked to put our big-boy pants on and perform at the amazing Studio 100 pop-up theatre in Puurs (BE). The props of the hit musical 40-45 were shoved into Gert Verhulst’s garage to make room for Mister Fahrenheit and his gang! When your theme is ‘Legends’, the biggest Queen hits are an absolute must!

Queen hits in Studio 100 theater

Eventonline.be joined forces with KonseptS (www.konsepts.be) to organize a Mice party with ‘Legends’ as its theme. For obviously reasons, Mother Mercury had to partake to play some Queen hits. We will rock you, Who wants to live forever and Don’t stop me now, resounded gloriously through the main hall! The biggest Belgian event managers and planners were there to raise money for ‘Kom op tegen kanter’ (www.komoptegenkanter.be). Together they were able to collect €32000 and that’s where ‘We are the champions’ came in! You can read all about the event on www.mice-magazine.com.

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