Queen hits on the Studio 100 stage!

With barely two gigs under our belt, we were asked to put our big-boy pants on and perform at the amazing Studio 100 pop-up theatre in Puurs (BE). The props of the hit musical 40-45 were shoved into Gert Verhulst’s garage to make room for Mister Fahrenheit and his gang! When your theme is ‘Legends’, […]

There’s a new Queen tribute band in town!

The last couple of weeks, our followers on Facebook (www.facebook.com/mothermercury.be) got a lot of mysterious messages. Apparently there’s a brand new Belgian Queen tribute band. But what does a Belgian Freddie Mercury sound like? Are they even able to play, let alone sing, the entire Bohemian Rhapsody?! We’ve published a couple of teaser videos of […]


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