There’s a new Queen tribute band in town!

4 March 2019

There’s a new Queen tribute band in town!

Queen tribute band

The last couple of weeks, our followers on Facebook ( got a lot of mysterious messages. Apparently there’s a brand new Belgian Queen tribute band. But what does a Belgian Freddie Mercury sound like? Are they even able to play, let alone sing, the entire Bohemian Rhapsody?!

We’ve published a couple of teaser videos of rehearsal recordings these last few weeks, but it was high time we took our foot off the brake pedal and introduced you to Mother Mercury outside the rehearsal room.

Queen tribute act

‘Another one bites the dust’ and ‘Somebody to love’ showcase a little of what you can expect at a live show of this Queen tribute band from Ghent. You’d like to hear and see more? Come over and check us out at one of the many gigs we’ve got lined up! Where can you see us? You’ll read all about it on our Facebook page:

For more info about Mother Mercury, please visit the home page!

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