Freddie Mercury – The graphic designer

Freddie Mercury – The graphic designer

Queen's logo

Every band and every brand needs its own logo. Everybody knows Queen’s famous baroque logo. We wanted to create something similar, without simply copying the original. We analysed their logo and pieced together our very own! But first a little history about the original: Freddie Mercury studied graphic art and design at Isleworth Polytechnic in West London. When he joined Brian May and Roger Taylor to form Queen, his skills proved to be very helpful. Originally he designed a name logo, which can be seen on the album cover of both ‘Queen’ and ‘Queen II’. (see the cover of ‘Queen’ below on the left) 

In 1972 he started sketching a baroque ‘royal crest’. It first appeared on the back of the first album. Originally it was just a line drawing. It would later be coloured in and become the legendary album cover of ‘A night at the opera’. The crest is filled with elaborate symbolism and different layers of hidden meaning. The centerpiece of this logo is the letter Q with a crown inside of it. This letter is surrounded by two lions, two pixies and a crab, representing the zodiac signs of the band members. Leo (John Deacon & Roger Taylor), virgo (Freddie Mercury) and cancer (Brian May). The royal crest is framed by a large phoenix rising from flickering flames. (see picture above on the right)

Mother Mercury's logo

We set out te create a similar logo for Mother Mercury. We tried different compositions to build a crown with the double M intertwined, but these attempts all proved childish. Until we found the right font and a composition giving the double M a common leg.

We then designed our own royal crest, using the zodiac signs of our own band members. Aries (Sonny), capricorn (Ruben & Michael), pisces (Thomas & Edwin). We also created our own rising phoenix and added a scroll and branches to tie the composition together. This logo was then sent to Kristof Van Beversluys ( to be coloured in. We asked to use primarily yellows and reds, as those are the primary colours used in Queen’s crest.

The result of this effort is our own Mother Mercury zodiac logo, which we use on our website and social media. We also printed it on the bass drum of our drum kit and of course on the T-shirts we offer at concerts! 


Would you like to know more about Mother Mercury? You can find their home page right here. If you’d like to keep up to date, then please do visit the Facebook page or the Instagram account.

Author: T.D.S.
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